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Latest News
The latest news from the Nottingham Anglers Association Team

Successful bid for Olympic Legacy Fund Money

It has just been announced by The Nottinghamshire County Council Olympic Legacy Fund Committee that the Nottingham Anglers Association have been Successful in their grant application.
At the end of 2012 the Association applied for a grant from the Nottinghamshire County Council Olympic Legacy Fund. The application was made to enable the completion of new parking facilities at the Bestwood Duck Pond Complex. During the construction of the new pond in 2012 the excavated material was used to create two new parking areas adjacent to No 1 pond and No 4 pond, however, due to the nature of the material used the areas remained very boggy and unable to be used in anything but the driest of weather. The successful application will allow the parking areas to be properly surfaced with stone as well as some work to improve the access tracks to the parking areas. The Grant, which was for almost £9,000 will make a tremendous difference to our members, especially those with disabilities who at present find it difficult to access many parts of the complex from the existing parking areas.
The Association would like to thank the Olympic Legacy Committee at Nottinghamshire County Council for their generousity in making the funding available and to everyone who has helped in this project.

Exciting Developments to look forward to

The Association and its members are feeling very positive about the coming season due to a number of recent developments Firstly, the new 'Richmond Canal' at Bestwood should be due to open before the start of the new season. Constructed during the first half of 2012 and allowed to fill naturally by springs, the water is now ready for the introduction of fish. Marginal planting has taken place with coir rolls provided by the Fisheries Team at the environment Agency, this, along with other planting work and grass seeding carried out by volunteers should really help to establish this new facility. Work on the construction of pegs should be carried out in the next few weeks ready for opening in late Spring.

In another exciting new development the Association will now be able to offer coaching sessions for Juniors. Having teamed up with Ian Wilks, a level 2 qualified angling coach who will become the Junior Development Officer of the Association, we will be able to provide coaching sessions at Bestwood, Newlands and Kodak during School Holidays and some Evenings during Summer. The loan of tackle and provision of bait will be included and non members will be invited to participate. Further details will be posted on this website when available.

Finally, It has just been announced that the Association has been successful in its application for funding from the Nottinghamshire County Council Olympic Legacy Fund (see separate story)

Newlands No4 Pond now pole fishing only

The Committee have decided that from 1st October 2010 No4 pond at Newlands can only be fished by anglers using a pole.

Signs have been in place for many years warning anglers of the danger of the overhead power lines above No4 pond at Newlands.
Despite these warnings some members have continued fish beyond these signs or stood close to the signs and cast under the cables. The Association then had signs made stating 'No fishing or casting beyond this point' we could not have made the point more clear to members.
The Bailiff also spent some considerable time roping off the top end of the pond to prevent anglers casting beyond the signs, the final straw came when these ropes were cut down by someone to allow further casting under the power lines.
These cables carry 11,000 volts and there are strict rules laid down by Central Networks regarding the proximity of fishing.
The Association has a duty to help protect its members from injury and with this in mind the decision was taken to ban Rods and Reels from this pond and allow the use of Poles only. Notices have been posted on site informing members of the new rules.

Bailiffs required for Bestwood Duck Ponds and Attenborough

The Association have identified a need for additional Bailiffs at the Bestwood Duck Pond Complex. The five lakes at Bestwood take a great deal of looking after and despite the best efforts of the existing Bailiffs there is always more work to do.

Ideal candidates would need to be reasonably fit and have some knowledge of maintaining a fishery i.e. Grass cutting, Tree pruning and peg maintenance, however, supervision and assistance will be given to sucessful applicants. The positions may be suitable to someone who has recently retired or retired early. Please note that the positions are voluntary but Bailiffs are supplied with free membership and a small honoraria is paid at Christmas.

Bailiffs are also required to patrol the Attenborough Nature Reserve, although small amounts of maintenance are sometimes required the main emphasis is on the checking of membership books on this members only water. Again the positions are voluntary with free membership supplied.

Anybody interested in any of the positions should contact the secretary by e-mail, post or telephone and further details will be given.

Don't forget to renew your Rod Licence

Rod Licences expire on 31st March. The Environment Agency will be patrolling Association Waters on a regular basis.
From the 1st April 2014 you will require a new Rod Licence, there are three ways to buy or renew your licence:

Online at
At any Post Office in England and Wales
Telephone 0844 800 5386

Some anglers were caught on Association waters without a valid licence during 2013 resulting in heavy fines. Please don't become another one in 2014

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