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Newlands No4 Pond now pole fishing only

The Committee have decided that from 1st October 2010 No4 pond at Newlands can only be fished by anglers using a pole.

Signs have been in place for many years warning anglers of the danger of the overhead power lines above No4 pond at Newlands.
Despite these warnings some members have continued fish beyond these signs or stood close to the signs and cast under the cables. The Association then had signs made stating 'No fishing or casting beyond this point' we could not have made the point more clear to members.
The Bailiff also spent some considerable time roping off the top end of the pond to prevent anglers casting beyond the signs, the final straw came when these ropes were cut down by someone to allow further casting under the power lines.
These cables carry 11,000 volts and there are strict rules laid down by Central Networks regarding the proximity of fishing.
The Association has a duty to help protect its members from injury and with this in mind the decision was taken to ban Rods and Reels from this pond and allow the use of Poles only. Notices have been posted on site informing members of the new rules.